1. Since they are basically liquids, they take the shape of containers.

for heaven's sake, how can that be possible?

2. They scratch every single furniture, shredding it into teeny tiny pieces. 

SRSLY, do they even like me?

3. They clean themselves and want their litter box to be cleaned like they have OCD.

"Mom, it's my room and I'll clean it when i want to..."

4. They, PURR. It's one of the sweetest sound you can ever hear.

...all your sofa scratching sins have been washed away.

To find out the reasons they act like this, 
GET Skippy and search for "cats" :P

Skippy: Watch Faster, Even Deeper

#1 What is Skippy?

ready to be surprised?

Skippy is the time-saving video player mainly designed for informative speeches and lectures. Having trouble concentrating during YouTube lectures like TED or Khan Academy? Don't beat yourself up anymore. Skippy helps you 'fast cut' the videos! While all the redundancies are being filtered out, information is conveyed even more effectively. It introduces you to the easiest, fastest, as well as the most engaged way of video lecture watching.

#2 Skippy helps you to SKIP

Skippy always gets to the point.

straight to heart of a video.

from wherever you stopped or paused.

you never say TL;DW.

otherwise, we wouldn’t call it ’time-saver’!

#3 What's on Skippy?

Curated videos from TED, Kurzgesakt, Crash Course, Vox and the like.

Skippy is mainly designed for informative speeches and lectures. You can be knowledgeable, artsy, updated, and inspired while taking the moments in between!


If you want to sound like an educated belletrist, 
Nash and Plato are always your men.

Take a journey from your brain to the universe. 
Let’s be a proud nerd.

Would a rose by any other color smell as sweet?
Shakespeare might not know, but Warhol would.

Light bulb moments for 
rationalizers, deflectors, quitters and procrastinators. 

Try Skippy now!