4 Weirdest Things Cats Do All the Time

by April 27, 2017 0 comments
1. Since they are basically liquids, they take the shape of containers.

for heaven's sake, how can that be possible?

2. They scratch every single furniture, shredding it into teeny tiny pieces. 

SRSLY, do they even like me?

3. They clean themselves and want their litter box to be cleaned like they have OCD.

"Mom, it's my room and I'll clean it when i want to..."

4. They, PURR. It's one of the sweetest sound you can ever hear.

...all your sofa scratching sins have been washed away.

To find out the reasons they act like this, 
GET Skippy and search for "cats" :P

Skippy: Watch Faster, Even Deeper


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